• Caring For Those You Love

    Willow Park Health Care Center offers a wide range of health care needs for your loved one. We are fully staffed with Licensed, Compassionate, Knowledgeable People. We offer Skilled Nursing with Rehabilitation Services, Long Term Care with continuing Therapy Services, and Restorative Therapies.

  • Skilled Nursing Services (SNF)

    SNF is available when you have Medicare A and have been in the hospital for 3 midnights consecutively within the last 30 days upon admission. With Medicare A you have 100 days in which 20 are paid 100% and 80 are paid 80% by Medicare.

  • Getting To Know Willow Park

    Willow Park is a family locally owned business and has been for 6 years. We take pride in treating everyone like family. Willow Park has 2 Sister Facilities Temple Manor and Tuttle Care Center. The Owner has had ties with the 3 facilities since 1987.

Medicare A Skilled Services

Medicare Part A allows a person to receive Skilled Nursing Services and/or Therapy Services while being placed in a Skilled Facility. With Medicare A you are entitled to 100 skilled days. The first 20 days Medicare will pay 100% in full. The remaining 80 days Medicare will pay 80%, leaving you and/or your secondary insurance the 20%. The 20% (co-rate) equals to be $157.50 per day while receiving the skilled services. (The co-rate is subject to change yearly due to Medicare changes) All Secondary Insurances are different and will pay different percentages when it comes to skilled days. If a person uses up their 100 days Medicare does allow them to be regenerated after a 60 day spell of wellness.

Getting to know Willow Park

Lucretia Parkey, Owner is an Oklahoma Native and believes that Compassion Is Our Business! Mrs. Parkey believes that everyone deserves exquisite and compassionate care. She has personally been involved in the facilities since 1987. She has worked on every level within the facility and understands the needs that may arise on a daily basis for the residents and staff. She too has immediate family in a facility. ***The love of a family is life's greatest blessing***

Contact Us

Lucretia Parkey-Administrator & CEO Kendi Glasgow-Executive Director, Justin Payne -Director of Nursing, Sherry Clopton -Asst Director of Nursing, Grace Murrow-Asst Director of Nursing, Pam Orr-Director of Finance, Wendell Purnell-Medical Records, Nalibra Barnett-Social Services, Jeff Morfitt-Director of Activities

Lawton, OK long term care facility | skilled nursing

Looking for a long-term care facility is like looking for a new home. You want good neighbors, a pleasant, clean environment, and a comfortable place you can call your own. Above all, you want to feel safe and secure in the decisions you make.

Willow Park provides all this and more.

Our top priority is to meet your physical, medical and emotional needs because there is no better way to make sure you feel at home. We take an individual approach in service, both to the resident and their family. If you happen to have special medical needs, do not worry!

Here at Willow Park, you are a friend, a neighbor, and always an individual.

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